Good Stuff To Know September 2021

Cutting 250 calories daily and exercising may improve heart health in obese older adults

Among older adults with obesity, combining aerobic exercise with moderate reductions in total daily calories led to greater improvements in vascular health compared to exercise alone. Reducing calorie intake by approximately 250 calories per day may lead to significant weight loss and improve vascular health in older adults with obesity.

Exercise improves health through changes on DNA

Six weeks of physical exercise led to changes in the epigenetic information of skeletal muscle cells in young men. These changes took place in areas of the genome that have been linked to disease. Scientists say their research shows how exercise remodels DNA in skeletal muscle, so that new signals are established to keep the body healthy.

Common weight-loss drug successfully targets fat that can endanger heart health

Researchers have announced successful results of a clinical trial for a commonly prescribed weight-loss drug called liraglutide. In adults who are overweight or have obesity combined with high cardiovascular risk, once-daily liraglutide (Victoza) wih lifestyle interventions significantly lowered two types of fat that have been associated with risk to heart health: visceral fat and ectopic fat.

Flu shot protects against severe effects of COVID-19, study finds

In a newly published study, physician-scientists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have shown that the flu vaccine may provide vital protection against COVID-19.

‘Why you gotta be so rude?’ Study highlights ‘vicious cycle’ of workplace incivility

Workplace incivility is on the rise, and a new study found that employees who experience or witness incivilities are more likely to be uncivil to others — a worrying trend that could intensify as people return to in-person work.

Ultraprocessed foods now comprise 2/3 of calories in children and teen diets

Results from two decades of data show ultra-processed foods have become a larger part of kids’ and teens’ diets with disparities by race and ethnicity.

People with stroke who walk 30 minutes per day may have 54% lower risk of early death

A new study shows that people who walk or garden at least three to four hours per week, or bike at least two to three hours per week, or the equivalent after having a stroke may have a 54% lower risk of early death from any cause. The study found the most benefit for younger stroke survivors. When people under the age of 75 exercised at least that amount, their risk of early death was reduced by 80%.

Study Links Processed Food to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IBD is more common in industrialized nations, and data suggests that dietary factors might play a role. Processed foods include packaged goods and snacks, soda, sugary cereals, ready meals containing food additives, as well as reconstituted meat and fish products that contain high levels of added sugar, fat and salt. As white meat, unprocessed red meat, dairy, starch, and fruit, vegetables, and legumes were not found to be associated with development of IBD, this study suggests that it might not be the food itself that confers this risk but rather the way the food is processed.

Researchers discover how to stick sensors to skin without adhesive

Imagine if you could attach something to your skin without needing glue. A biosensor, a watch, a communications device, a fashion accessory — the possibilities are endless. Thanks to a discovery, that time could be closer than you think.

Scientists Want People Fitted With Euthanasia Chip That Kills You at First Sign of Dementia

A recent article published by leading bioethics journal “The Hastings Center Report”, has proposed an implant that would automatically trigger a lethal drug at the onset of dementia.

Key mental abilities can actually improve during aging

It’s long been believed that advancing age leads to broad declines in our mental abilities. Now new research from Georgetown University Medical Center offers surprisingly good news by countering this view.

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