Good Stuff To Know June 2020

Doctors are Euthanizing Mentally Disabled Patients Around the World, United States May be Next

A few years ago, a Dutch doctor attended her elderly Alzheimer’s disease patient at a nursing home. The doctor’s purpose wasn’t to examine the patient or prescribe new medicines. Rather, she was there to kill.

Simple question can lead to remedy for older adults’ dizziness and impaired balance

Does lying down or turning over in bed make you feel dizzy? This simple question effectively identifies whether a person suffers from benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is harmless and treatable, recent research shows.

Women are told more white lies in evaluations than men

So-called “white lies” – telling a spouse you like their sub-par cooking, or praising a friend’s unflattering haircut – serve a purpose. But they can cause problems in the workplace, where honest feedback, even when it’s negative, is important.

Social isolation linked to more severe COVID-19 outbreaks

Regions of Italy with higher family fragmentation and a high number of residential nursing homes experienced the highest rate of COVID-19 infections in people over age 80, according to a new study.

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