Enjoy The Age You Are !!!

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

It is amusing and amazing to watch older peoples’ reaction when age is mentioned. Almost everyone is too ‘hung up’ on age; some will leave the room rather than discuss anything about age. How sad! This is a waste of time and energy! We are the age we are and there is nothing we can do to change it. Why not simply learn to enjoy whatever age we are and look forward to days of pleasure and possible achievement?

Being ‘older’ doesn’t always destroy our talents or abilities. Sometimes we might be unable to do some things but we often have a large range of things we can do. When we concentrate on what we can do, we will find many challenges to give us a sense of achievement. Look at the positive things and you will find a new excitement in your days. If you choose to see the negative side, you will be in a ditch with no way to crawl out.

God gave each of us certain abilities that we can use in our career or make life better in a certain way. Your abilities might be different from mine but all these can be meaningful in our lives. We must learn what our abilities are before we can use them. For instance, I enjoy baking and cooking but I am not good at crafts. I appreciate the items others make in crafts but I prefer to try a new recipe. Each of us is capable in some field and none is more important than another. As long as we are able, we should continue to enjoy the things we like to do.

We don’t reach a certain age to decide that we are through; age is only a number. My doctor confirmed that the things I do are possible because I continue to do them! If I stopped because I am older, I would soon be unable to do many things. I am not good at ‘twiddling my thumbs’ so that is definitely out!!! We must not stop unless it is absolutely necessary! We might reach that point in the future but until then, carry on!

Remember, if we aren’t getting older, we aren’t here !! Whatever your health situation, learn to use those abilities that you can and forget those you can’t. Neither you nor I can change certain things but we can change our attitudes and this can make the difference between dreading or enjoying our days.

Don’t be concerned about numbers but concentrate instead on doing what you can to make your life, or someone’s life, more pleasant. That accomplishment will bring an excitement that you might not have known before.

Don’t sit back and wait for others to do everything for you. That can get to be simple laziness and that is not acceptable! If you act like a turnip, you might turn into one. Be careful; don’t let this happen to you !!!

Besides, you won’t know unless you try !!!


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