Election Hysteria Hits This Newsletter

Barbara Morris

Barbara Morris

Never in my wildest imagination  did I think the anger and just plain craziness following the November election would impact  this newsletter, but it has. It actually led a woman named “Betsy” to unsubscribe,  giving  the following reason:

Your newsletter is getting a little too political and opinionated.  Offer up the facts on health and fitness and medical news/breakthroughs.  I’m not the slightest bit interested in your huffy opinions about ridiculous things like being called “cute”.  If you haven’t noticed, the country is in turmoil right now and you wrote a whole article on “Retirement Cute”.  Wake up.”

A couple of things about “Betsy’s” tirade: I’m confused. On the one hand, without being specific, “Betsy” says the newsletter is getting “a little too political and opinionated”.  I try to keep the newsletter focused on matters of importance to older people who want to stay active and vital. If that intention gets “political and opinionated”, what isn’t tainted by politics these days? Can we talk about, for example, health care, and not get political or have an opinion?

On the other hand, she apparently wants me to stop writing about issues that affect older women, and instead, “wake up” and I suppose, start getting political and opinionated, about what’s bothering her. Not only that, she is telling me what topics I should  write about.” Betsy” sounds a bit huffy,  opinionated, and authoritarian, wouldn’t you say?

Furthermore, “Betsy ” was so offended, so irate, that she instructed me to never contact her again.  I aim to please.  “Betsy” is off the list. As Shark Tank investor “Mr. Wonderful”  Kevin O’Leary has been known to bluntly say “you are dead to me” to a would-be entrepreneur whose idea he didn’t like, so I say to  “Betsy” –” you are dead to me”.

(To refresh your memory, my article that sent “Betsy” into a tizzy deplored the way older women are demeaned with backhanded compliments.)

Yes, the country is in post election turmoil. I get it. The Internet, TV and other venues  are ablaze with opinions and comments about the election that range from civil to bizarre to downright nasty and that’s okay. The First Amendment guarantees to EVERYONE the right of free expression.  However, I don’t consider my political thoughts about the election so important that that they need to be aired on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in this newsletter.

“Betsy” and those upset about the outcome of the election need to assess why their side lost,  re-strategize, and remember, there will be another election in four years. Whining, destroying property, name calling, behaving as if their opinions and concerns are the only ones that matter  isn’t going to get the job done. If the irrational  behavior continues, the outcome of the next election may be a rerun of what happened in November.

In a press conference following the Los Angeles riots of 1992 Rodney King made the following  plea.Can we all get along?

Sensible people try to find a way to do that.

Read Mary Lloyd’s article elsewhere in this issue relating to the election. It’s a breath of fresh air, common sense and reasonableness.

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