“Dress Your Age” Is Not A Put-Down

Tatyana Wilson, Ed. S.

You’ve heard that phrase, “Dress your age!” and it never fails to come off as a put-down.  I, however, will assert that “dress your age!” is an invitation to celebrate the kind of elegance and well-developed, authentic style that’s hard to find in modern trends and fads.

I have a teenager; he is sometimes a little scary.  I noticed something that started to happen around 13-14 with him and that is the occasional disregard for reality/facts in favor of adhering to what the majority thinks or does.

Let me explain: I say to him, “You need to do x,y, and/or z,” and instead of thinking about the realities/facts, the response is often, “But a, b, and/or c is what everyone is doing.” It’s certainly what teenagers are notorious for, but it occurred to me that many of us adults also fall prey to disregarding reality in favor of what the majority is doing.

Now to circle back around to the concept of dressing one’s age, I would like to invite readers to take pride in their age, the wisdom, authenticity, confidence, and experience that have been learned and earned in those years.  Many times by dressing like the teenagers and 20-somethings, older (sometimes much older) people think they look younger, but they’re actually aging themselves much more.  You see, it’s quite acceptable for young girls to dress up in their moms’ clothes, but it’s quite different the other way around.

Follow These Guidelines To Be Timeless

  1. Choose styles that are ageless: Basic black or navy pants/skirts, well-tailored jackets (nipped at the waist), and basic shirts in universally flattering colors (jewel tones, business colors such as navy or black, etc.) do not depend on trends and fads. You can intermix high-end pieces with a few more trendy inexpensive pieces.
  2. Stay Fit: Being fit will make you look younger than spending $1500 at Forever21 every day of the week. I follow a great health routine that works for me and certainly consider daily exercise an essential part of image.
  3. Wear The Right Colors: Whether it’s makeup or clothes, the right colors can add or take away years! In almost 40 years of work in the field, The Image Architect track record shows that about 90% of humans have cool skin tones.  That means makeup should be cool-tone (not yellow or peachy) and clothes next to the face should be in bright cool colors.
  4. Be Objective: Learn to look at reality/facts when it comes to your appearance and rely less on feelings, what the majority is doing, or old habits.

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