Dreading ‘Old Age’

Lura Zerick

I am often amazed and amused by the various attitudes many have regarding getting ‘old’. Some refuse to discuss the subject while to others age is a fact of life and they don’t fret about it. Each of us is a certain age; we can’t do a thing about the truth. We can joke about it, lie about it or be realistic about it.

Some spend most of their years dreading ‘old age’. Don’t they realize that if they aren’t getting older, they aren’t here anymore? I enjoy being 82; my health is good, I am able to do whatever I need and I still enjoy a sense of accomplishment.  Sad that many waste their younger years with little appreciation of the gift of life. Yes, time will change many things but having a positive attitude will make any and every age better. Our later years can be our best! Aging doesn’t have to be the painful road to disability, senility, assisted living or nursing homes. All these might happen but we can enjoy a lot of living before that time. Dare to live in the NOW.F

Frankly, I am GLAD that I’m not young and would not choose to be young again even if I could. Yes, I have silver hair and I LIKE it! Yes, I have wrinkles but I am not concerned about them. Why?  Because I have learned that when I smile, my  wrinkles disappear!  I appreciate every opportunity to laugh or chuckle. I realize that life isn’t always funny and sometimes not much fun, period. I have been there and done that but through our tragic experiences we can learn what is important and what isn’t. Life usually changes our lists of priorities and this is good.

We learn that life is a gift, usually when we have ‘grown up’ enough to truly appreciate how wonderful each day can be.  We are either waiting to live or waiting to die. Our attitudes determine which we choose. Years ago I didn’t want to see another day; each one seemed worse than the last. I had this frame of mind because I allowed the words and actions of others to rob me of every ounce of self-esteem. It is too easy to lose confidence in ourselves as our abilities fade into nothing- because we might have forgotten that we are capable, with talents beyond our dreams. Just as words can bring us down, they can also build us up!

We must acknowledge that some feel ‘big’ only when they make others feel small. It is our choice whether we let this happen. This was a tough lesson. I am a ‘peace-keeper’; I don’t like loud voices or constant complaints. As long as we don’t speak up for ourselves, others will speak for us.

No, I absolutely don’t want to be young again; I like where I am NOW. I am wise enough to realize that each day is not only a gift but also an opportunity to use my God-given abilities to make these days more rewarding than I thought possible. Instead of ‘dreading’ my future years I will walk through those open doors to find out what wonderful thing might happen today! YOU can do this too!

I learned that an article (with photo) will be in the February issue of ALABAMA LIVING , a monthly magazine published by Wiregrass Electric. Who would have dreamed that as the grandmother of 12 and the great-grandma of 8, that I might possibly be a ‘cover girl’?  

You, too, can share in the excitement of doing what you can do and enjoying your days and years while you become the one you were meant to be. I dare you to try it!


Lura Zerick is  an 82-year-old great grandmother who enjoys learning new things. Give her an Elvis song with a good beat and watch her go! Her favorite things are reading, listening to music, singing, cooking/baking, birds, and words. She  enjoys 12 great grandchildren and 6 great grand children; loves to encourage them to cook, write, and sing, as well as use their other abilities. she can be reached at lzerick22@gmail.com



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