Drag Out Your Old Dreams — Live Them NOW!

Lura Zerick

Do you have old dreams; things and activities that you want to do someday? These could involve a second career, a hobby, or things to do for fun or add to your income. The range is wide; maybe you want to learn to sew pretty clothes, paint beautiful scenes or learn to tap dance for a sense of accomplishment. My advice is do it while you can! Don’t wait too long to make your dream a reality! It is too easy to ‘put things off’; sometimes we believe we will have plenty of time in the future. We might and we might not. Take advantage of any free time you have to begin your dream.

Want to learn a foreign language? Look for available lessons in your area. If none are available, these can be found online for a fee. I refreshed my Italian, taken in college 35 years ago. I was able to communicate well during my four weeks in Italy earlier this year. Whatever your dream is, you can find a place to learn more about it. There are community colleges located in many places. These usually offer degrees or certificates, depending on your choice. Classes are available for almost everything, from bread baking, painting on glass, sewing, creative writing, acrylic, or oil painting and other things. If you enjoy classes, find the ones you are interested in, enroll and you are on your way! Don’t find excuses to delay this experience! Do it while you can!

I emphasize this point because I am guilty of it and I regret the delay. Why? Because I waited too long, though I was busy with other dreams. I wanted to paint beautiful nature scenes and finally began these classes at age 75. I was having a great time, enjoying my two masterpieces and then ‘tremors’ hit my right hand big time! I had to stop my classes because my right hand moved when I didn’t tell it to do so. This was (and continues to be) so frustrating! I’ve learned to write and eat with my left hand.

There went my other plan of becoming a good seamstress. I wanted to sew beautiful clothes for my granddaughters and great-granddaughters. I took time to bake goodies with them and share how to enjoy reading but there will be no ‘new dresses from Grandma’. I wanted to help teach them that each of us has the ability to create whatever we desire and to bring out this quality in them. Dare them to enjoy their own creativity in the way they prefer.

I had been busy with singing and writing for several years; the time flew by (it seems to go faster as we get older) so I missed my time of learning to sew. Don’t let this happen to you! You can learn now and apply this knowledge while you can. I wish that I had been able to continue my painting classes but had I done that, many would think I switched from pastoral scenes to modern painting! I love the beauty of nature; now one of my newer dreams is to visit Honey Lake Plantation near Tallahassee, Florida. (http://honeylakeplantation.com/). This is 4,700 acres of wooded beauty, with lakes, moss covered oaks, deer and other animals of the woods. Never met the owners but plan to take this 3-hour drive with a daughter and two grandchildren as soon as possible!

Drag out your old dreams and live them NOW!

Lura Zerick is an 80-year-old great grandmother. I enjoy my 12 great grandchildren and 6 great grand children; love to encourage them o cook, write and sing, as well as use their other abilities. She currently lives in Florida


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