Don’t Like Your REAL Age? You Can Change It!

Barbara Morris

What will your life be like when you get to age 90 (don’t laugh — it’s becoming the norm)? Considering the status of your health right now, are you looking forward to age 90 and above?

Remember comedian George Burns? He was still doing comedy in clubs weeks before his death at age 100. Or,  perhaps you remember Art Linkletter (“Kids Say The Darndest Things” — a TV show probably before your time) who traveled around the world and gave motivational speeches. He passed away at age 97.

Two of my favorite women of all time were Dr. Helen Harkness, who was not only a mentor to me but wrote books (Don’t Stop The Career Clock changed my thinking about aging). She ran her business, Career Design Associates, in Dallas, Tx until she passed away at age 94. In her later years, she focused on helping young people achieve career goals. The other woman, Gert Boyle, CEO of Columbia Sportswear, went to the office every day until her death at 94. She didn’t fully trust her sons to run the business without her help.

As unique as these men and women were, I believe they could have lived a healthy,  enjoyable life many more years if they had the knowledge and high-tech information that is now available. More about that later.

According to an article in Science Daily, How long can a person live? The 21st century may see a record-breaker :

·         Researchers estimated a near 100% probability that the current maximum reported age of death — Jeanne Calament’s 122 years, 164 days will be broken.

·         The probability remains strong of a  person living longer to 124 years old (99% probability) and even to 127 years old (68% probability);

·         An even longer lifespan is possible but much less likely with a 13% probability of someone living to age 130;

·         It is “extremely unlikely” that someone would live to 135 in this century.

Here’s is what everyone should internalize: Youth is FREE. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy its benefits. Unfortunately, it’s taken for granted and often abused. I recall when “Baby Boomers” declared they would never get old as they smoked their pot and guzzled alcohol to excess. They told the world not to trust anyone over age thirty.  They knew it all, as young people often do. Some of those “I’m gonna live forever” kids are now in wheelchairs in nursing homes or a burden on whoever will care for them.

By your late 30s, you have to begin to think and live differently. You will have to start making an EFFORT to keep the most vital of your youthful assets. If you wait too long and think “It’s too late” for me, you are wrong.  Many of your most precious mental and physical gifts can be restored with EFFORT.  We can learn to eat nutritious food, take cutting-edge food supplements, and exercise regularly. How tough is that?

I’ve been an outlier ever since I realized I didn’t have to live how the world told me I had to live “at your age”.  I ignored the “script” and did my own thing. Yes, I’ve been laughed at, but so far, I am winning the battle. I don’t know how long that will last, but I’m trying to do what I know I should do every day. I continue to make an EFFORT that, in some ways, defies human nature.

By the way, our “human nature” is that small inner voice that too often tells us, “You don’t have to do it today. Do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow never comes. Be in charge of that inner voice that is trying to drive you to a sick, early death. Talk back to it. It’s your body and YOU are in charge. You can do it!

I recently discovered a super-high-tech laboratory,, that can scientifically determine your REAL age. (Actually, we have three ages!) Please take a look at their site.

Your actual age is not the number of years you have lived. In health terms, keeping track of the number of years lived is useless. But our culture worships it as the “be all” of who and what we are and how we should live, and that’s not only wrong but ill-informed, knowing what we know now about aging.

Your REAL age is your biological age determined by the health and vitality of the cells in your body. For example, my calendar age is 92. However, my “real age” calculated by a  blood analysis says I’m 74. My third age is my Telomere age that says I’m seventy.  The length of the end caps on your chromosomes determines your telomere age. The longer the ends are, the younger you are.

You can’t change your chronological age; it is what it is, and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the health and vitality of your body’s cells. You CAN change your biological age!

If you are not feeling well or curious about the health of your body’s cells,  do yourself a huge favor and get a TruageDiagnostic test. If your biological age is not as good as it should be, you will be offered guidance and help to enable you to reclaim your life. The depth of the report you are provided is amazing.

To support and build your knowledge about health and aging,  get a copy of Dr. David A. Sinclair’s book, Lifespan. The subtitle is “Why We age – and Why We Don’t Have To.” It will challenge everything you have been taught or thought you knew about aging.

When solid scientific help is available, ignorance is not bliss. You can discover your TRUE age with a Truagediagnostic test that you can order with that link. On the checkout page, use the discount code PutonHold for a $50 discount.  Love yourself enough to do it. Being sick and dependent can last a long time, and be expensive, and often painful.  Everything you do to avoid failing health and dependence is a gift to you, your friends, family, and neighbors.

If you would like to know more, email me ( and we can set up a time to speak. If you know how to set up a Zoom meeting, we can do that as well.




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