Do You Have IT or Does IT Have You? And How IT Connects to the TWO Viruses Impacting Us

Back and forth I went about how to address this topic because I knew it might pour salt into some wounds, as it has with my own. First, I ordered the book pictured here because of something I’d heard about John G. Lake’s wife. Almost from page one, I found myself receiving (necessary) Holy Spirit convictions as I read about documented restorations of health, limbs, and more. Second, I’ve been dealing with a health issue since 1992. I say this so you know I’m not talking above anyone with health concerns.

Although I’m going to share some of the conviction statements, the majority of the book is uplifting, inspiring, sobering, and may lead, as with me, to your own desire for a deeper dialogue about health and healing and a more personal relationship with our Lord. I ask you to please stay with me to the end. I don’t share any of this lightly: I’m in real conversations about this with our Lord.

Conviction: A weak Christianity is ever inclined to whine in prayer, while God waits for the believer to command it.”

 Conviction: “Not only is it so in your prayers for others, but in your prayers for yourself, some of you are holding to your sickness, or difficulty, with such a clutch, and are so everlastingly conscious of it, that God cannot get it out of your hands.”

 Conviction:“...that disease has no right in your body, and you have no right to leave it there, to sympathize with it, or to harbor it, or to console it…. You have a right to your healing, to redemption, to victory….”

I did say, “Ouch.” And as I said, I need more time with God about this.

Something powerful from Lake connects to our current COVID experience: Your body is tired the moment that the spirit is discouraged. Your body breaks down under it. As long as your spirit is triumphant you are a victor and go right on. A man is defeated only when he is defeated in spirit.

 What happens when we give our lives to government out of fear (predominantly generated by them) rather than to God through trust in Him and His faithfulness to His promises? Canadian Pastor James Coates gave a powerful sermon February 14 (2021), before being arrested for refusing to obey government over God. Some points he covered are as follows:

-When to obey God and government vs. when to disobey government in order to obey God

-What our God-given unalienable rights are: the Right to Life, the right to Work, the right to have and be with Family (especially when they’re dying), the Right to Own Property

-The God-ordained purpose for government is to protect our God-given unalienable rights; Government doesn’t impart these rights to us, but government is obliged to protect and facilitate them

-How COVID restrictions and lockdown measures align with protecting our God-given rights and civil liberties – or don’t
-Is it government’s responsibility to protect us from a virus
-Is government culpable in God’s eyes if people die from a virus
-Is government culpable in God’s eyes if people die from government’s limits, lockdowns, and restrictions placed upon people

My heartfelt prayers continue for all impacted by COVID. And, you’ve likely heard it said that another virus erupted at the same time, one causing even more harm: Fear. John G. Lake’s profound healing stories shook me to my core, especially as they took place a mere century ago. How much our Lord’s Church has abandoned or lost! A few are engaged in Lake-type healing these days, but for most of us, it’s as Lake stated: We’ve no problem believing a soul can be saved through what Jesus did for us, but believing s/he/we can be healed (as in the book of Acts) is another matter altogether. We don’t even know the power of God we’ve lost or, rather, misplaced, that Jesus authorizes us to use in His Name, resulting in fertile soil for fear to take root and grow. Too many of us have more fear than faith. “God’s purpose in man is to transform him into the nature of God,” wrote Lake. “For God gave us a Spirit Who produces not timidity, but power, love, and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7 CJB).

I invite you to watch Coates’ powerful sermon, DIRECTING GOVERNMENT TO ITS DUTY,

Maybe like me, you’ve learned some wrong things and were never taught what it means as a Christian, to stand, live, and operate on this side of the Cross, where the Victory is. I admit I have some things I need to let go of so I stop asking God to remove things I still clutch on to tightly.

May God bless you and fill you with His strength, peace, and Kingdom boldness.

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