Disgusted With The ‘Leadership’

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I have been ‘busy’ with various ‘things’ over the years; I was most interested in several things, such as my family, my children, my home and other details of ‘living’. I kept up with what was going on in the world; at the same time I was really living in ‘my’ world. I voted; I was informed on many subjects but I never wished I could step up and DO SOMETHING !! NOW, I wish that I could – and if I were thirty years younger, I WOULD !!!  It is, however, too late for anything I could do.  I am very distressed about the things going on in America at this time. Common sense seems to have gone out the window as the elected officials in Washington walked into their offices, eager for the ‘benefits’ they sensed.

From what I can see, this ruptured country of ours has been on a planned decline for some time. PLANNED by those disloyal, lying thieves who grinned as they sat in their expensive offices, (paid for by us), cunning and sure, with the extra money, that they were ‘doing the right thing’. They weren’t even honest with themselves. The good news is that they, too, will suffer the consequences of their actions, the same as everyone else.

I can’t know what will happen but it doesn’t look hopeful, at this point, that America will ever be the nation it was in the past. Greed, wealth and stupidity have done too much damage. Personally, though I never voted for the ‘high-ups’ that are  now causing many negative ‘happenings’ now going on, I, along with everyone else, will suffer some consequence of their actions.

It really ‘ticks me off’ that so few can cause so much damage. My greatest, and only comfort is that  God is still in control. Those causing the negative bits of daily news will suffer the same as others. That shouldn’t make me glad but it does. I am disappointed in the ‘leadership’ of our country, as well as being disgusted by the results of their actions. Add disillusioned to all that and you will understand my present ‘mindset’.

As far as I can see and understand, our only answer is prayer. I know that is our most powerful weapon; when ‘things’ get really rough, and more difficult to face, there won’t be a world full of non-believers. I do think all of the present events will bring worse results in the future. We, with all Americans, will be totally helpless; we can do nothing – except go from one day to the next with the hope that our relief will be in sight.

I am not usually negative; I am grateful for each day and the fact that I can do whatever I need to do. BUT, AMERICA NEEDS TO ‘WAKE UP’ AND REALIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING!! At this point, however, I fear for my country and am angry at those who have brought on these damaging situations. Those who longed for change will get it, with added ‘benefits’. The national news tells me daily that we, as a country, are sliding down the slippery slope to greater ruin than we can handle. Politics and greed are the cancers that have been destroying our beloved country….even as we were looking the other way, often thinking ‘all is well’. The future will inform us, whether it brings good or bad. Pray for America.

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  1. Stephanie Garland says

    I am an Australian and sadly the destruction of the wonderful ‘can do’ energy that I remember characterised Americans in the 60’s seems to be lost. All Western societies seem to have lost their confidence and many of our citizens live for generations on welfare and have no real achievements in their lives. We seem to have entered the ‘bread and circuses’ phase of the Roman Empire with so many of our politicians prepared to take the ‘easy options’ to get votes and with little or no real interest in our countries. Business no longer aims to creaet jobs and ‘build things’ and their leaders are rewarded for being ‘clever’ as they destroy the lives of investors while we would just a few decades ago have labelled them incompetent or dishonest crooks. We used to laugh when small children told their parents there was plenty of money ‘you just go to the ‘cashcard machine’. These days it is the way we all run our national budgets.

  2. This election will be our last chance to salvage what’s left of it.

  3. Too true and it is very sad. I am in mourning for the America I grew up in – despite its faults.

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