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Barbara Morris

The press release below was created to promote the TruAge Diagnostic test, of which I am a huge fan. The test has incredible value in more ways than can be imagined.

Knowing your biological age — the age and vitality of your body’s cells is critical. You can’t change your chronological age (which is meaningless), but you CAN change or improve your biological age – the health and vitality of your body’s cells. Your chronological age does NOT determine your cognitive or physical ability. Unfortunately, in our culture, most people believe chronological age and ability are absolutely related.

If you take the test and the result shows your biological age is younger than your chronological age, feel blessed and learn how to keep the good news going. You will get a 30-minute free Zoom consultation with an expert to give you personal direction based on the test results.

If you are biologically younger than your chronological age as I am, yes, it’s a vanity thing, but it’s essential to understand why that happened and how you can keep it up. If it turns out that CHRONOLOGICALLY, you are older than your BIOLOGICAL age,  you can learn how to turn that around. That’s pretty amazing!

Please read the release below:

High Tech Test Reveals 92 Year-Old-Woman Is 74 Years Of Age

Surprise, AZ

The chronological age of Barbara Morris, editor, and publisher of the Put Old on Hold Journal, is 92.  Her biological age is 74.

It’s a fact verified by space-age, cutting-edge technology offered by TruDiagnostic. It provides the most accurate, comprehensive biological age test currently on the market. It is also one of the largest private databases of epigenetic information in the world, working to develop epigenetic testing capabilities further and scientifically validated anti-aging interventions through academic partnerships, clinical trials, and internal research and development.

All it takes is a small amount of blood to reveal the health, vitality, and actual age of the body’s cells. Your biological age makes your birth date meaningless.

Barbara explains, “In our culture, an individual’s chronological age has enormous significance. It determines, shapes, and dominates life events such as the number of work years and time of retirement. Essentially, awareness of chronological age rules how we live.  However, chronological age, the date we are born, does not determine an individual’s mental competence or physical condition, yet, we act and believe it does.

Unlike chronological age, biological age can be changed and improved. Fortunately, The TruAge test offered by TruDiagnostic provides information and expert guidance that shows young, energetic “old age” is possible.

Discovering your biological age is essential because It reveals how we have lived over the years and allows us to change, improve or eliminate unhealthy habits and lifestyles.

The TruAge test is now available to everyone.  Receive a discount of $50  if you use discount code PUTONHOLD  on the checkout page.

Also, check out the Put Old on Hold Journal, and on the opening, page sign up for a free subscription.  Monthly, you will receive inspiring, motivational, and eclectic information not found elsewhere to help you reach healthy, vital longevity you never thought possible.

Don’t cheat yourself out of years of vital, active life any longer. The  TruAge test results help you become a “new you”  with a  long, vigorous life. Your actual age exists in your cells, not in the year you were born. Order your TruAge test now and discover all the exciting opportunities you have to live and enjoy an extraordinarily healthy life right now and in years to come.”

An Afterthought

I have taken resveratrol for several years. I take it daily without fail. Here is the link to an informative sheet published by my supplier: Resveratrol and Fisetin If you want more information or wish to purchase it, that information is on the sheet.

And More

Don’t wait for Medicare to pay for resveratrol pills

The problem is, aging is not classified as a disease that has an insurance billing code attached to it. There is no financial incentive for doctors and hospitals to direct people on how to live longer and healthier. It is a disease-care system. If aging is delayed 20-40 years, the demand for doctoring will decline. Furthermore, longevity butts head with a healthcare system that can no longer afford to care for senior Americans. The Medicare Trust Fund is virtually empty except for new contributions from the paychecks of younger workers, many of whom are now unemployed.

So, when it comes to longevity, American adults will have to assess the best available evidence. Mountains of research say it is now possible to live 120 healthy years, but the decision to do that will have to be your own, not your doctor’s, and no, Medicare isn’t going to pay for anti-aging pills.

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