COVID: The Truth Can’t Be Hidden Forever

The level of COVID-induced mass psychosis is astounding not just because it affects those with limited information, but it also affects supposedly intelligent, “normal” people who have lost their ability to think for themselves or listen to anything that is not in sync with what they believe. It has split our country into two distinct camps.

If you thought the parental rage against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools was divisive, the fallout from COVID training is just as bad, and possibly worse because we are relentlessly lied to with false information by our government and the mass media, especially CNN, MSNBC. Many older people watch CNN all day long and believe and parrot what they hear. They become “true believers”. They can’t imagine they are being lied to day after day.

Let’s understand this: Concern for your health has NEVER been a primary COVID  treatment goal. Many well-meaning, intelligent but inadequately informed individuals have been taken in by the fear propagated by government agencies and individuals such as Dr. Flip-Flop Fauci.  The real goal of the COVID program is population control.  It is diabolical.

Let’s also understand that COVID is intended for and is being used to effect a New World Order in which we have no Constitutional rights (do we have them now?) The “middle class” (you and me) will be eliminated. We will own nothing. Many mom-and-pop businesses owned by the middle class have been forever ruined thanks to needless lockdown orders and other government mandates. They may never be able to recoup their financial loss. Their life savings are gone.  Goodbye, middle class.  A goal accomplished.

Finally, let’s be clear that the number one goal of “COVID” is world depopulation. You may not be ready to accept that but just wait until the fog begins to clear a little more and it slowly becomes more evident.

People are getting fed up with the madness. Please view the first link just to understand the deep discontent among those who can still think rationally. The Los Angeles Fire Department Captain is “mad as hell” and he’s not going to take it anymore.

LA Fire Department Captain on COVID Vaccine Mandate: This Tyranny Stops Right Here, Right Now!

Exemption Documents – If your employer, church or school demand but you don’t want a jab

CDC offered plan for internment camps in so-called ‘shielding’ initiative

American Frontline Doctors  White Coat Summit II: Ryan Cole Speaks On Post Investigational Vaccine Deaths

20,595 Dead 1.9 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

Burial costs covered for Canadians killed by approved vaccines

Law Professor refuses to mask up or get the jab – students walk out

BBC Reporter Dead After Experiencing Complications from AstraZeneca Covid Jab – Autopsy confirms.

Indian Bar Association Sues WHO Chief Scientist Over Bashing Ivermectin, Needless Deaths Of Indian Patients

World De-population: Significant Quotes:

– If we do a really great job on new vaccines and… reproductive health services, (i.e., abortion) we could lower the world population by perhaps 10% or 15%.  —Bill Gates

– The United Nation’s goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilization, and control of human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as baggage, with 350,000 people to be eliminated per day.  —Jacques Cousteau,

– – A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.  —Ted Turner

You may recall a book (about  1968) The Population Bomb by Paul Erlich. It sent the world into a frenzy with dire predictions of doom and gloom and incited a worldwide fear of overpopulation. According to Smithsonian Magazine  ’The Population Bomb’ made dire predictions—and triggered a wave of repression around the world.

The important word in above: repression. Are you feeling it yet?

Fast forward to 2021:  it’s the same tune with slightly different lyrics. There are just too damned many of us despoiling the earth and making it difficult for our overseers to control us!










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