Botox for An Over-active Bladder: Are They Kidding?

Michael E. Platt, M.D.

It never ceases to amaze me that our medical system absolutely refuses to acknowledge that the most logical approach to treating a problem is to treat the cause of the problem. They have been using botulinum toxin ( Botox) to treat migraines, and now they are using it to treat women who have a problem with urinary urgency – when they have to go, they have to go.

Interestingly, both urgency, commonly referred to as an over-active bladder, and migraine headaches, often have the same cause. Readers of my blogs already know that the cause is an excess amount of adrenaline.

Women with their over-active bladders have to run to the bathroom every 10-20 minutes. So they get talked into getting an uncomfortable procedure called a cystoscopy, during which an injection of Botox is put into the bladder muscle. On the positive side, these women will temporarily eliminate their problem with a hyperactive bladder. Of course, on the downside, they can lose control over the bladder since they may not be able to contract the muscle.

As a result, they will be forced to catheterize themselves every time they need to urinate. They can wind up with bladder and possibly kidney infections, and live with severe pain in the bladder until the injection wears off.

So I ask, would it not be simpler just to lower adrenaline levels and thereby eliminate the urgency. The lowering of adrenaline only takes 24 hours at the most.

I await the time that just one person reading my blogs has enough interest to learn more about adrenaline. My book on “Adrenaline Dominance” is finished and is in the editing stage. It describes all the conditions related to excess adrenaline – such as ADHD, fibromyalgia, anger and road rage, depression, most headaches, anxiety, RLS, alcoholism, PTSD, bipolar disorders, IBS, chronic interstitial cystitis, and the list goes on.

My goal is to make people more proactive about their health, and not to have to rely on a medical system that resists change. I have a manual that I wrote for healthcare practitioners that has a chapter devoted to managing adrenaline. It is the only information available to teach doctors how to treat conditions felt to be incurable that are simply caused by too much adrenaline. One day I will figure out a way to market it – possibly I should approach patients rather than practitioners?

Please: Say no to Botox.

The manual is called, “The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing”. It is a true wellness manual. For those who are interested, call my office –   or go to my website:



  1. olderISsmarter says

    I get a needle in a nerve in my ankle every month.  It helps with the urge, but doesn’t eliminate it entirely.  So I asked my my urologist about the botox shot.  He said “Absolutely not!”.  He agrees with Dr Platt.  The side effects aren’t worth it.  

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