Shifting Gears to Your Life and Work After Retirement


Dr. Carolee Duckworth

Dr. Carolee Duckworth

Most pre-retirees make sketchy plans or no plans at all for HOW they intend to find satisfaction living an extra 30 years in retirement. Some try to plan financially but that’s where the planning ends. Until now, little truly comprehensive help has been available to guide pre-retirees as well as those already retired in creating a future that is more fulfilling than traditional passive retirement. That help is in the form of a comprehensive, up-to-date book, Shifting Gears To Your Life and Work After Retirement by two boomers, Carolee Duckworth and Marie Langworthy. 

I love books that teach something new, useful and exciting and Shifting Gears fills the bill. It is loaded (and I do mean loaded) not just with extraordinarily helpful information but with clickable links.  

Marie Langworthy

Marie Langworthy

If you are not yet retired, you MUST have a copy of this book. If you are retired and floundering, perhaps bored and wanting more out of life, you MUST have a copy of this book. It will open doors to help and inspiration you never knew existed but need. It will help you discover who you REALLY are, and what will give you the most satisfaction out of what can be the best years of life. 

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Shifting Gears to Your Life & Work After Retirement
by Carolee Duckworth & Marie Langworthy

As Boomers themselves, the authors are not just about helping the Boomer generation move forward into retirement. Rather, they are about Boomers creating anew an entirely fresh perspective on their next life journey by crafting a highly fulfilling pattern of work and life for their final and best opus. Readers will start by looking within, re-discovering, or perhaps, discovering for the first time, who they are now, using exciting, authentic, personality and aptitude tools. Next, using this new-found personal insight and clarity of purpose, they will be guided through a process of fashioning what they want to do, to see, to become next, followed by practical, specific activities and strategies to achieve this, their new retirement paradigm.

The Book’s Audience


This book is the jump-start to propel current Boomers on the brink of retirement to rethink their retirement trajectory, from this (whatever they’re doing now), to that (whatever they’ve always wanted to do, but never dared to dream possible). The 50-65 age group will find this book a one-stop source to chart the direction of their next and best life phase–a practical “how to” roadmap that is both fascinating to read and chock full of valuable resources, including a website index that is in itself a retirement goldmine.

Older Retirees

Already retired 70+ and even 80+ year-olds are poised to take advantage of all this book has to offer. Just consider the collective experience, brain power, skills, talent and wisdom of this demographic group and bring it to bear on the resources (both real and virtual) this publication features. Then step aside and watch these elders make astounding contributions within every facet of society–professional, civic, and personal.

Early, Middle, Late Boomer Bloomers

This book shatters the iconoclastic myths about retirement, boldly declaring what retiring Boomers are and what they are not. By engaging in self-discovery, and traveling through a Five-Step Process, Boomers will determine who they are, what values define them, and how they want to spend this last rich phase of life. They then will explore the many options—work online or “out there,” for themselves or for “us,” or volunteer, but their way–then combine these with learning, travel, and leisure into their own ideal mix.

Children of Retirees

As members of the “sandwich generation,” grown children of retirees hope and need for Mom and Dad to transition into a healthy, happy, productive New Phase of independent adulthood. Their last wish and worst fear is that if their parents run out of money and/or independent involvement, this will add to their own current responsibilities, stresses, and priorities, requiring them to step in themselves, financially or otherwise. Giving this book to their parents as a gift will benefit them too.

How This Book Stands Out From the Pack

  • ·        Specific–Offers a 10-Point Retirement Countdown to 7 Possible Pathways.
  • ·        Results Oriented—Uses a 5-Step Process to create a unique retirement adventure.
  • ·        All-Inclusive–Work vs. play; time vs. money; home vs. abroad; online vs. “out there.”
  • ·         Uses Current Technology Tools–A treasure chest of web connectedness and resources.


Shifting Gears To Your Life & Work After Retirement

Shifting Gears To Your Life & Work After Retirement




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