“The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription”

Andre Berger, M.D. Author of The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription

Andre Berger, M.D. Author of The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription

Over the years I have read many “anti-aging” books. Some were good, many were great, and a few were spectacular. The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription by Dr. Andre Berger is spectacular.

Initially, I wasn’t excited about reviewing the book because I thought it was probably just a public relations piece designed to create excitement about a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon.

Oh, my, — was I wrong. The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription may well create excitement about Andre Dr. Berger (and well it should) because it is a treasure trove of useful information such as I have not seen in a long, long time. Everything, and I do mean everything you need to know to help avoid decline is packed into this 193-page easy to understand e-book.

At the outset, Dr. Berger makes clear what he believes:

“This is the essence of anti-aging: to defy the common belief that we must face an inevitable debilitating decline as we grow older – and that it is normal. It is not.”

He’s absolutely right — debilitating decline is not inevitable. Unfortunately, our culture hasn’t caught up with that reality, and as a result, countless men and women needlessly succumb to avoidable decline because of traditional outdated horse and buggy ways of dealing with the mind and body during the aging process.

Dr. Berger shows and tells why debilitating decline is not normal, and what can be done to prevent and even reverse it. He states,

 “. . . by restoring some of the chemistry of youth, we can ‘trick’ genes into avoiding what is believed to be the inevitable decline of health, and thus ward off many effects of old age.

I believe – and have seen in my practice – that people can remain vital right up to or very close to our final decline. The way this can be done is by cleaning up the “soup” I discussed earlier – environment, nutritional input, and behavior – to every extent possible.”

In The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription  Dr. Berger provides a plethora of helpful questionnaires, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, lists of anti-aging supplements and foods, and more. He explains hormone replacement in detail and makes clear why fluoridated water should be avoided. He discusses the vital importance of sleep and exercise and its effect on the aging process.

As a pharmacist with a focus on natural healing, I am gratified Dr. Berger believes “. . . it is paramount to get patients off all but the most vital medications. . . Good health doesn’t come in a pill. . . Some patients change quickly while others take a long time to wean off their medications. Regardless of the method, patients must really change their fundamental behaviors if they want to succeed with anti-aging treatments.”

The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription is available in paperback and e-book editions, but I recommend the e-book edition because just about every chapter opens with a video of Dr. Berger explaining a concept. How cool is that? This is where a traditional paper book falls short – it doesn’t allow you to see or hear the author, and I think it is tremendously important in this instance. It enables you to “meet” the doctor and know what to expect if you decide to have a face-to-face consultation.

Having written several anti-aging books myself, I recognize a content-rich blockbuster when I read one. At $9.95, The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription e-book edition is a steal. If you can’t visit Dr. Berger in his office, his book will provide more than enough extraordinary information and motivation to help you begin your anti-aging journey on your own. It will help you achieve the youthful and vital mature years every woman and man wants, but few attain. 


The Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Prescription by Dr. Andre Berger



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