Be Your Own Best Friend

Barbara Morris

This past year my husband was in the hospital several times with a severe urinary tract infection. A couple of times I was not sure he would leave the hospital alive but God, creator of his life, was not ready to call him home. Currently he’s doing okay. After all the bouts with the UTIs I (hopefully) have learned how to recognize and avoid the onset of an infection and prevent more trips to the hospital. 

But this is not about my husband and his health; it’s a warning for those not yet in their “golden years” to take care of their health because old people, never much valued in our society, are fast becoming an expensive disposable nuisance. 

It used to be that within reason doctors did what they could to keep the elderly alive. When my mother developed breast cancer in her eighties she asked the doctor if he thought she was too old to remove the breast. His compassionate reply was, “It is not too late. Who knows how many years God has in store for you?” Her breast was removed; no chemo or other drugs were given and she died at age ninety-two from an unrelated condition. 

Today it’s a different story. Our violent and morally debased culture no longer values human life at any stage. The unborn are destroyed when they are not wanted, and the “not wanted” mindset has spilled over to shape the cultural attitude toward the elderly, especially when costly health care is needed. 

A political ad shows grandma being pushed over a cliff because she is deemed too expensive to keep alive. On TV recently, college “boys” were shown playing an “abortion game,” shouting “kill the baby” as they gleefully lunged at each other with what appeared to be a knife, trying to pierce the balloon under each other’s shirt. 

When evil is lauded as fun or a social good the defenseless are easy prey. 

Who is (or will be) protecting you from the culture vultures? 

On my husband’s last trip to the hospital the admitting doctor asked, “Do you want him resuscitated if his heart stops?” My reply was, “Yes, I do want him resuscitated. The young doctor apparently didn’t approve of my request and in a snippy tone of voice she declared, “He’s 81. He’s old. He can’t live forever.” Her attitude was chilling. 

Don’t kid yourself, death panels are not a far fetched conspiracy theory; they are real and right around the corner, moving ever closer to your doorstep. 

President Obama’s favorite economist Paul Krugman, speaking at a Synagogue in Washington, D.C., admitted we’re “going to have to … really make decisions about health care, (and) not pay for health care that has no demonstrated medical benefits.” Krugman made it clear, saying “Death panels and sales taxes is how we do this.” 

So, the question: Who is looking out for you? It had better be you. If you are enjoying good health, be zealous in taking take care of it NOW. It is a priceless jewel. As time goes on we all have to deal with the realities of unfortunate genetic predispositions and health issues over which we have no control, but we can’t blame all health problems on ancestry or environmental causes. We have to take personal responsibility for maintaining health starting as early in life as possible. 

Good health is not achieved in a week; it requires constant awareness and effort over time. The goal should be to stay as healthy as possible to avoid having to deal with a rapidly growing utilitarian attitude about human life held by too many “enlightened” politicians, agenda-driven activists, physicians, and hospitals. 

Be your own best friend and advocate. Valuing your health and keeping it in the best condition possible will help avoid collision with an Orwellian “health care system” that doesn’t seem to value ailing old people all that much.



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