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My name is Patricia Weaver. I am a producer, documentarian, speaker, co-creative consultant and coach and an age activist. I create and produce special events with organizations, non-profits, and community organizations. I specialize in promotion and representation of age appropriate products and concepts in print, articles, personal appearances, and on television. I inspire men and women to enjoy their lives, engage in the new technology, and to enjoy their lives fully no matter what their age. We work together by phone, in person, or in groups as requested.

As a 74 year old woman who lived through WWII, the Cold War, and Korea I have been inspired to create a documentary interviewing on video people in my age group (late 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s) who were children and young people during those war years. I have many people from the US, Canada and England who have shared their stories of incredible experiences. Many people have written to me and want their accounts to be included as voiceovers in the film. I have enough for a small book. It’s interesting that each and every person I’ve interviewed has ended their filming with statements of love of their country, respect and love for their president and the military, the caring and helping between families and neighbors and the feeling of all Americans being unified in the war effort. I have been touched many times in the filming as they report that love of their country sustained them through the fear of the war.

I believe people need to hear these statements. They are heart-rending.

I interviewed the Vets of WWII about their war experiences since most of them didn’t speak about them even to their families. Those video interviews were sent to the Library of Congress.

At age 22 I went on an Eat, Pray, Love type of journey alone to Europe to see the countries impacted by the war. I stood on Normandy Beach, and Omaha Beach. I stood where history was made, and saw the miles of white crosses that took my breath away. It was a moment I will never forget.

I plan to offer a speaking program of my journey as a child during WWII, the inspiration and stories of the filming, and show a short film of the people talking about the war in their own words. If the audience has people in the age groups that I mentioned there may be a sharing of experiences to end the program.

I am a member of the National Association of Professional Women. The NAPW is the most exclusive and rapidly growing network of female executive, professionals and entrepreneurs in the US. I will be featured on their website as a Woman in the Spotlight.

Let Me Help You Become All You Want to Be and Can Be:

Do you have the courage and confidence to try something entirely new and different at your age?
IF SO, CALL ME – 925/938-4388

Are you in a place in your life that you just don’t feel like yourself, a flat feeling, maybe slightly down, depressed, lack of energy, or a lack of zest for your own life?

Are you wondering – what’s next in my life? Where do I go from here? Do I even know where “here” is? What is my life going to be in the future?

IF SO, CALL ME – 925/938-4388

Do you need a complete make-over inside and out? Many times we keep looking like our “best era”, and don’t try new ways of expressing ourselves in a way that is age appropriate and visually enhancing.
IF SO, CALL ME – 925/938-4388

Do you know what your gifts are? Have you even thought about how very special you are? Do you even know what “a gift” is?

IF SO, CALL ME – 925/938-4388

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have their own answers to their questions, it’s the process of uncovering and peeling back the layers to get to your answers.

I will assist you in putting words and vocabulary to your thoughts and dreams that will move you forward with a new confidence. Your creativity about your own life will be enhanced ,especially the caring and love you can have for your yourself and your gifts. Your life will then begin to move forward. I have used a phrase since the 70’s in print in every business I’ve had, “The Self is a Work of Art” . It truly is.

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