Assumptions About Older People

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

Last year I met the new wife of a friend. We had never seen each other, knew nothing about each other. Yet, five minutes after meeting her, as we  discussed some subject that I knew nothing about, she laughed and told me, “You just forgot about it.”

Since she just met me, how can she know what I do or do not forget? Yes, I am 84, but I’m in good health, live alone, do whatever is necessary, such as cooking, doing my laundry, folding and putting away clothes, do all my paperwork, such as reconciling my bank statement and keeping my check ledger straight. I continue to write articles and books. I AM ‘old’ but I am blessed that my mind is still fairly sharp.

When she left, one of my classic movies went with her. The only time I mentioned that movie was to tell her and her husband that my son and I had recently watched it together; I enjoy old movies. They stayed in the room where the movie was while I went to another room momentarily.  I knew that if I mentioned it, she would more than likely say that I gave it to her, which I did NOT. But I am old; I’m not to remember what I say or do. I will buy another copy; in the meantime, she won’t be invited back to my home. My thought is that if one steals small things, they will also steal ‘big’ things.

My Mama, however, taught me that to take something that isn’t mine is WRONG. She also taught me to tell the truth. I do, even if it makes me look bad. I have known so many that lie and think nothing of it. It is my thought that one lie usually demands another and another and another. Even the best can’t remember the many lies they tell – nor do they often care. —AND, even the ‘best’ liars are usually found out.   

II was trying to be ‘sensible’ about it and now, almost five  years later, I still think that I made the right decision.

Recently I was told that I said a certain thing concerning something I would do. I did not say that then, for the same reason that I would not do that NOW …….. a very STRONG reason. Others, however, infer that I ‘forgot’. Whether or not they admit it, they KNOW WHY I would not do that particular thing. My reason still stands — and no one can do a thing about it!!!

LIfe  goes on and I pray that I can be productive, in some way, the rest of my days. I know that I am one who needs a goal. Like most others, I need to have  something to reach for. I truly don’t want to have to learn how to ‘twiddle my thumbs’!!!

To face the day with nothing to do would be terrible. For one thing, even as I near age 85, I am still neck-deep in ‘paperwork’!!!  I would prefer that there would be a time when there is no more paperwork but, of course, that is not possible. As long as we do any kind of business at any place, we will be involved in paperwork. Better paperwork than nothing! I am thankful that I can still do my bookkeeping, etc. Of course, I continue to write freelance articles for regional and national magazines as well as a column for the monthly internet journal, that I thoroughly enjoy,; this I enjoy!!

I know too many ‘oldsters’ who watch television all day!  I keep up with the national and sometimes local news but that covers my television watching. I’ve already lived the soap operas and refuse to go back there. I DO enjoy the guest spots that I have on various programs…but that is to promote my books, which are written to help my readers enjoy a better life. If I wrote for financial gain, I would starve. I am happy with my accomplishments; I believe that we are here to love and help each other and I have no hidden agendas. I am a very open person, maybe sometimes blunt, but I prefer that to being a phony. I have known too many of these and have learned to avoid having these as much as possible.

With my past experiences, I have every reason to be bitter but I choose to see the good in others. Each of us has some bad qualities, combined with good. It is our choice which of these we will explore further, whatever age we are.


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