Are You Taking Remeron?

It is sad that more people don’t understand the danger inherent in many medications prescribed by their doctor.

It makes me angry — Big Pharma continues to churn out one potentially helpful medication after another that turns out to be not only useless but dangerous. That the FDA approves the production of Big Pharma medications makes it appear the FDA is in bed with Big Pharma. Why else would the FDA approve medications that, if we listen to drug commercials on TV, may cause a host of undesirable side effects including death?

Does your doctor know about side effects of Remeron and other drugs? ? Yes and no. He or she probably has a cursory understanding, but most doctors don’t have time to do the necessary research and often depend on the knowledge of fellow practitioners, the pharmacist (who doesn’t have time, either), or at worse, accept the information offered by the Big Pharma salesperson who regularly visits doctors to promote the latest and greatest “miracle” medication.

Here is an image of a typical “package insert” that is attached to every container of medication. It includes safety and side effect information. It’s huge and double-sided and in tiny, tiny, print. Do you think your doctor has time to assimilate the relevant information on the sheet? Guess again. He’s busy.

Package Insert II

A  recent Science Daily published this article: Common Antidepressant should no longer be used to treat people with dementia”.  Here is the synopsis of the article:

A drug used to treat agitation in people with dementia is no more effective than a placebo, and might even increase mortality, according to a new study. The research has shown that antidepressant mirtazapine  (Remeron) offered no improvement in agitation for people with dementia — and was possibly more likely to be associated with mortality than no intervention at all.

If you are taking Remeron, read the Science Daily article. Talk to your doctor about safely taking you off the drug. For more information about warnings and side effects of the drug, visit



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