Are You Dating or Living With A Serial Killer?


Bonnie Sainsbury: Psychological Profiler

Bonnie Sainsbury

You are not? Can you be sure?

Without knowing it, Bonnie Sainsbury, author of Cracking the Male Code dated a serial killer, calling him “The nicest boyfriend I ever had.” It wasn’t until the FBI came knocking at her door did she learn that Mr. Nice Guy had confessed to killing five women and she was on his hit list.

Because of this incident and other unsatisfactory relationships (abusers and stalkers, for example), Ms. Sainsbury became a psychological profiler whose handwriting decoding techniques have led to groundbreaking advancements in understanding the male mind.

Every woman looking for love but is frustrated and disgusted with what is “out there” needs to follow Bonnie Sainsbury’s “roadmap.” Cracking the Male Code offers voluminous handwriting examples and explanations of personality types and what they mean when looking for a worthwhile guy.

Since online dating is a popular way to find a relationship, she is specific as to what women should and should not do when using the Internet to find Mr. Right. She reveals the mechanics of good and bad profile construction and explains the art of developing a “gotcha” profile that will reel in the best candidates.

Ms. Sainsbury explains how to pare down a lengthy list of online prospects to just a few that are potentially winners, and how to go about meeting them. She advises that a first date should last no longer than about an hour in a very public place (and he should not see you arriving in your car). An absolute must is to get a handwriting sample from the guy before agreeing to meet him for another date. Yes, she tells you exactly how to get it. Make no mistake; the handwriting sample is critical for weeding out losers and identifying winners.

The interesting thing about this book is that it is for everybody – not just those seeking a relationship. It’s an education in understanding the male mind and how to deal with it; it’s an eye-opening education in handwriting and personality analysis. It is loaded with common sense and it’s just plain fascinating.

It’s a real revelation especially for an older woman who has not been in the dating scene since her teens or twenties. I’m not looking for a relationship and while reading the book I felt I had entered a scary world I knew nothing about – the world of contemporary dating. Can you say “culture shock”?

I could not put the book down. Bonnie Sainsbury is an engaging and humorous writer and she doesn’t mince words. In detail she tells women “how it really is” in the dating world and how to get what they really want in spite of the pitfalls.

Get a copy of Cracking the Male Code  You are in for a fun and enlightening read, especially if you are looking for “the one” but tend to attract abusers, stalkers, control freaks and possibly, even a serial killer you might think is the “nicest boyfriend I’ve ever had.”

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