Another Ambition?


Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I have been an avid reader since elementary school, many years ago. I slowed down on reading while raising five children but refused to STOP. My reading is as important, sometimes more so, than my meals. To say that I would rather read than eat is true. Even at 83, I get five books each week from the local library, not counting the books I buy. My two weaknesses are books and perfume and I have no plans to give up either of those. I plan to READ as long as I have the eyesight and breath…not open for discussion.

There! I hope I got my point across! If I didn’t, re-read that paragraph. I have sometimes interesting conversations with many…but don’t wait until I am reading to start a conversation. If I don’t ignore you, I will expect a great subject to drag me away from my book, one that is too important to wait.

Do I sound like a selfish old lady? Maybe I am but I refuse to spend the hours of my day discussing the silly subjects that I hear or read in other places. If our discussion might change our day, let’s hear it. If it involves the lives of our children/grandchildren, I am listening. If it is about next summer’s vacation, yours or mine, skip it. We might discuss it later or we might not. Too, it might be very important to you whether so-and-so spoke to you but this is between you and her and does not affect my life. If I can help with a problem, I will try. Otherwise, don’t interrupt my reading with nonsense or gossip. I don’t want to hear it – or be a part of it.

The great advantage of ‘being old’ gives the right to choose what we prefer. I also enjoy shopping and/or looking at what is available but usually the activities that I prefer are done on my timeline. That usually means after I have finished reading my current book. There is no rush; it doesn’t have to be done right now.

Don’t be concerned if my floor needs to be vacuumed; I will get around to it when I choose. Right now that is not as important as my reading. The floor isn’t going anywhere and I WILL ‘git’er done’…just not right now.

You take care of what is important to you; I will not interrupt. If I am still reading, that is important to me. Maybe later, when both of us are idle, we can go enjoy lunch together or go window shopping. I won’t  stop in the middle of a book to do unimportant things. I did prepare meals and all the other things a mother must do for her family; this was because they were, and are, very important to me – more important than my books.

Now, however, they are grown up and gone, busy with their own lives. I am busy, too, doing the things that I enjoy. I never learned how to ‘twiddle my thumbs’ and have no plans to sit idle. I will never get too old to learn something. Who knows what I might learn today, possibly from a book?

Did I mention that another ambition is to read as many books as possible? You will agree that this keeps me ‘out of mischief’ and I might learn something new. I like that too.


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