Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

Bronner Handwerger, NMD

Dr. Bronner Handwerger, NMD

A couple of weekends ago, I headed out to Arizona to meet with a colleague to learn more about stem cell therapy. I’m always eager to learn new therapies and treatments, particularly when they include using your own elements to heal your body. It’s a humbling reminder just how powerful our bodies are.

The therapy is called Adipose Stem Cell (ASC) Therapy. A small sample of Adipose tissue (fat) is removed from above the Superior Iliac spine (love handles), abdomen, or other, under a local anesthetic. Obtaining ASCs is much easier and less invasive than the bone marrow procedure and uses the patient’s own fat tissue to harvest stem cells in much larger volumes than from bone marrow. The photo I’ve included here show the stem cells once they have been separated. That’s the stem cell eye you see there in the tube.

Benefits of ASCs are significant – Stem cells play an integral part in wound healing and regeneration of tissue at the cellular level. There are major advantages of Adipose Stem Cell Therapy. Being able to collect cells from your fat tissue, allows us to do the procedure in the same day. Think along the lines of the PRP Treatment I’ve discussed several times here on the blog. With this new technology, we are able to extract a very high number of stem cells. It takes only about 10 million to stimulate regeneration and this procedure harvests about 60 million. Like the PRP, the stem cells are yours, they come directly from you, so receiving them back into your body is low risk. And patients are far more comfortable, as the procedure is much less invasive than collecting stem cells from bone marrow.

The possibilities for treatment are very exciting and a variety of patients could benefit from this treatment. In this aspect, I am learning more. Once the stem cells are ready to be administered, we can infuse them intravenously, localized or intramuscular or intranasal. Intravenously means that the cells would travel throughout the body and be able to serve to heal more than one issue at a time.

I am enthusiastic about offering these services to my patients and will continue to update you here with more information as I receive it. For now, I think it is important to understand that technology is allowing us to perform minimally invasive procedures which use your own matter to heal wounds and generate growth. THAT is very exciting!

Please feel welcome to leave any questions here in the comments. I would be happy to discuss this further with all of you.

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