AAlphabet For The AAnnualized

Linda J. Brown

Linda J. Brown

OBOBTFAW – Obvious, But Overlooked Beauty Tips For Aging Well

an·nu·al·ized,  adjective

  1. (of a rate of interest, inflation, or return on an investment) recalculated as an annual rate.”an annualized yield of about 11.5%)

AA – Always apply makeup in the A.M. Before Anybody sees you!

BB –   Best Bet, to retouch PRN. (as needed)

CC – Cultivate those Crinkles. They are Laugh Lines comin’ in!

CC – Create Conversation: don’t wait for the Other Guy. He might be shy.

DD– Maybe, hair Dye is Due?Dump Depression, too!

HH – Help your Hair! It’s not a clump of weeds up there!

NN – Nominate yourName! Do Things! Volunteer! Be a friend.

MM – Mobilize your Mouth upwardly. Meditate! Smile from ear to ear!

SS – Go forSharp & Stylish! And,Stop Smoking! The air & will clear.

TT –  Try Turtlenecks….. Make Dewlaps Disappear!

WW – Don’t Wait to lose Weight! Google “Weight Loss Success Stories” Then just try                                      convincing yourself you’re any different. You’re just the same!

XX – X-Out bad habits. Life never was a game. You could win Xtra time.

YY – Why? Why? You might ask. Because YOU Yusually know the answer to Your own                                           Question: Why? Meanwhile, “Just Because!” never went out of style.

ZZ – And please…catch plenty of ZZZZZ’s before you go to that Good Sleep In The Sky.

Only then, can you report-in with a heartfelt: “At least, I tried!”


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