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Barbara Morris

Tony Robbin’s new book, Lifeforcewill make your head spin. I had always considered Robbins just a feel-good huckster, but this book changed my mind about him.  He still writes as the same enthusiastic, over-the-top Tony Robbins, but he toned down his usual “you gotta do it now”  rhetoric for this book and hooked up with two impressive, cutting-edge medical heavyweights, Peter Diamandis, M.D., and Robert Hariri, M.D. Ph.D. The result is a treasure trove of important new information you need to stay informed and healthy.

I buy many books, and authors and publishers send books for me to review. I speed read, and often, books for which I had the highest hopes quickly end up on a bookshelf, partially read. Their content did not match the hype that accompanied their publication. Lifeforce is not one of those disappointments.

When you read a new book, it’s important to understand that what the author has written is not necessarily the Word of God. Therefore, I try to read with a “buyer beware” but open mind.

Initially, I wanted to read Lifeforce to see if there was confirming evidence that aging,  (according to David A. Sinclair, Ph.D,)   is a curable disease. Unfortunately, I have not yet found what I’m looking for in the book because I am not that far along in my reading. This is not a book you speed read in an hour. Lifeforce is a book you read from the beginning and then go back and re-read what you just read. It takes time and thought.

I am at Chapter 19, “How to Win the War on Cancer,” as I write this.

We’ve been waging war against cancer for a very long time. Although there have been successes, our efforts often are miserable failures because we don’t have a proper prevention protocol. Instead, we wait until cancer has invaded the body, and then, a costly battle begins to try to cure it, which usually fails. Why and how does cancer invade the body? The answer is through A FAILED  IMMUNE SYSTEM over which we have a lot of control!

What can be done? Apparently, plenty. We can start beefing up our immune system with a cancer-resistant diet, not just once in a while, but as a way of life. It’s not that difficult — stop eating the crap we have been eating most of our life. What is the crap (a nasty word, I know)  we’ve been living on? It’s greasy, nutritionally bankrupt fast food. It’s products that are on the interior shelves of any supermarket. Think about it — an entire row of a variety of chips with enticing names, and candy, or the entire row of a variety of so-called dry “cereals.” We need to get over our “must-have” appetite for sugar and junk. A fresh green or yellow vegetable on a dinner plate is rarely seen or eaten in some homes.

About 40 percent of Americans are expected to get cancer over a lifetime, and the average cost of a patient’s treatment is estimated at $250,000 and more.

Other than diet, how about we start to think about another form of prevention. For example, early in our adult lives, why not have a whole-body MRI scan to detect solid tumors of the neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and brain, including life-endangering problems such as cardiac disease? Aneurysms and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Early detection can vastly improve the success of treating conditions before they have a chance to grow and spread.

Why do we wait for cancers to develop and then try to stop their spread in the body using the usual barbaric cut (surgery), burn (radiation), poison (chemotherapy), and expensive medications that are virtually useless? Does it really make sense?

As you read Lifeforce, have a notebook nearby to jot down the names of individuals, programs, and treatments you will Google for more information. There are plenty of them. For example, have you heard of Focalyx?

I mention it because it’s a treatment for prostate cancer. Haven’t we all heard of someone suffering from this devastating disease? Prostate cancer kills more than 34,000 men a year. But, if the disease doesn’t kill men, then after typical treatment, they are left with devastating incontinence and impotence.

Here’s the story on Focalyx: Dr. Ferando Bianco, who developed the treatment, created a technology that works for many men with an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. A specialized MRI detects malignant and benign tumors in the prostate gland. He has developed a fast and painless way of gathering tumor samples by going through the perineal skin between the scrotum and anus — a less invasive approach that vastly reduces infections. 

If cancerous cells are found, they are destroyed with cold or heat that preserves healthy prostate tissue and function. With Dr. Bianco’s patented methodology, there is no surgery, no radiation, and no hospitalization. Instead, the procedure is done in the doctor’s office. As a result, the treatment preserves the patient’s healthy prostate, and he doesn’t live in fear of incontinence and impotence.

Does Focalyx really cure cancer? Only time will tell. If truly successful, I believe it will meet fierce resistance from vested interests. Also, many doctors don’t want to use treatments that are not approved or generally accepted. Doctors who use an unorthodox treatment or medication that works for many cancer patients may wind up in a legal battle to keep their medical license and practice. For example, ever heard of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski? Google him. One can only imagine this good doctor’s nightmare created by the government for offering an unaccepted, unorthodox cancer treatment that has helped many people with cancer.

Do you ever wonder about the economic collapse in the medical profession and the drug companies if cancer could be cured? Cancer is a VERY BIG BUSINESS with giant tentacles for individuals and corporations that earn their income by spinning their wheels on this or that “treatment” that fails or kills the patient. What would happen to cancer researchers, dependent on government grants, who spend their entire career using the same old techniques and procedures in hopes of finding a miracle cure? What would happen to those massive cancer centers that dot the landscape in many large cities?

That said, yes, there have been cancer cures, especially breast cancer,  with accepted treatments. They have been possible because the patient’s immune system was able to withstand the surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and expensive medications that kill cancer cells as well as normal cells.

Do you listen to the side effects of new breast cancer drugs rattled off during a TV commercial that suggests the drug may effect a longer life? Reality: Of seventy-one toxic chemotherapy drugs for solid tumors, the median survival edge is an abysmal 2.1 months. Devastating costs and side effects are a  high price for such a poor outcome.

Whatever your current health status,  get a copy of Lifeforce now and immerse yourself in it. It may turn everything you ever believed about health and longevity upside down, and that’s okay. An open, inquiring mind is a beautiful thing. If you are inclined to disbelieve what you read, that too, is okay. but consider this Herbert Spencer quote:

“There is a principle
which is proof against all information,
which is proof against all arguments,
which cannot fail to keep man in
everlasting ignorance;
that principle is –
Condemnation before investigation”





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