A ‘Round-to-It’ Person

Lura Zerick

Lura Zerick

I don’t get irritated easily BUT when I am around someone who never does what he/she promised, I get just a tad ticked off. Don’t tell me you will do something and then forevermore have an excuse, still telling me that you will ‘get around to it’. Maybe you mean well but you always forget to tell me which YEAR you might ‘get around to it’. This is when I reach a point where I don’t believe anything you say…AND by then it might be too late.

It is too easy to be disappointed in people but honesty is a required trait for those I choose to share my hours. If we aren’t honest with each other, why waste our time doing and achieving nothing? As I see it, friendship – or any relationship – cannot be based on lies. If it is, it will prove to be shallow and come to an abrupt end. My life, and probably yours, is checkered with those ‘abrupt ending’ kind of relationships. Though I ‘survived’, I have lasting scars from those who seem to make a career out of lying — about anything and everything.

It seems to me that in telling one lie, you might have to tell several more to cover that first lie. It certainly makes sense that over a long period of time, you or no one would be able to remember what you said, or even who you told what. Why risk all that confusion? A liar will, ultimately, be caught in his/her own trap. A sad truth is that they seldom realize what they have done to themselves.

In the meantime, ‘friends’ disappear by the dozens as they realize that their lying buddies cannot be trusted to tell the truth. Too often, we want to see the best in a person, and this is a good thing. Sadly, we might have another of life’s lessons, that we simply cannot believe everything that everyone tells us.

We learn the vast difference between friends and acquaintances. This in itself can be a painful experience. Over the years, we learn that we actually have few friends along with thousands of acquaintances. I can live with that; I don’t have a choice…and neither do you.

We must remember that we are responsible for our words and actions, just as others are for theirs. As the years pass by, our worlds might get smaller but so what? Life can still be wonderful if we have the right attitude, along with gratitude for the things that are right in our lives.

A reminder that we should take care of the necessary things so that we are considered people who are responsible. We can be trusted to not only tell the truth but that we do the things we promised to do, rather than leave the negative results for others to deal with.

Unless you have had to ‘clean up’ after others who were not responsible, you might not understand. THAT is why it is important to take care of our responsibilities while we can.

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