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Pat Garner

When I was coaching and working with people on yearly business planning it was so daunting to look at a 12-month plan and even more daunting to imagine sticking to it. People would get excited about the plan and at the same time, they wanted to give up because imagining the end result in 365 days was overwhelming.

One of my mentors shared with me the “90-Hustle”. That was a game changer for me and for those I worked with.

Instead of working on an overwhelming 12-month plan, we’d work in a short 90-day window. I believe most people can stay focused for 90 days, right? The formula below will help you create whatever you want with less stress, more focus, and greater success.

#1: Bulletproof Clarity

Clarity is the engine that drives success.

The way you get this clarity is to simply hardwire this into your nervous system and write your goal in the present tense as if it has already been accomplished 90 days from now. I would urge you to push yourself but also recognize what is possible and stay within the realm of practicality. None of us are going to become Paul McCartney, Tom Brady, or Picasso in 90 days… however, we can be the superheroes of our daily lives… no problem!

Here are some examples of what you may write as of 90 days from now:

  • I weigh 140 pounds
  • I have saved $5,000
  • I have written 3 chapters of my book
  • I bench press 220 pounds

The hardest part of this is distilling this down to your top 1-3 most important outcomes and objectives. Over 90% of people that I help coach, cannot articulate their 90-day goal with any clarity. And when I can get them to do that, it is game on.

#2: Commitment to Action

Now that you have your “goal” or the crystal-clear outcome, the only thing we should obsess about is what actions are needed to happen every single day for the next 90 days for that outcome to come true. The action needs to be (1) attainable: you should have the capability to do it and (2) accountable: meaning you should be able to say a clear yes/no on whether you did it. That’s it. Let’s not overcomplicate our lives.

  • I walk for 30 minutes every day
  • I save $55.55per day (in 90 days that’s 5k)
  • I write 1,500 words every day for my book

Action drives momentum. Momentum drives results.

#3: Streaks of Accountability

 For some reason, people have an internal struggle with accountability. Meaning, we want it because we know it works. We also don’t want it because it’s psychologically draining (the daily reporting and mental beating of not following through)

However, let’s do it for 90 days. Let’s build a 90-day accountability streak where you have an accountability partner. It’s someone you need to report results to daily.  Professional accountability is the best because when you pay you, someone, you pay attention since there’s skin in the game and pain associated with parting with money…there’s a little bit more commitment.

We’ll whine. We’ll complain. We’ll give all sorts of excuses why we didn’t do what we say we will. One reason for this is the goal isn’t important enough. If you don’t accomplish it who cares. BUT we’re doing this in baby steps and if we just need to do just do 1 thing daily that’s perfect. Overwhelm can kill goals. Give that some thought.

Commit to your 90-day accountability streak.

#4: Ruthless Daily Debrief

Can you be brutally honest with yourself on a daily basis… before you go to bed at night, can you give yourself an honest evaluation of whether you did what you were supposed to do without a story?

Remember, there is no A for effort in the 90-day hustle. You either did the work or you didn’t. That’s it. Keep it that simple because action drives momentum, and momentum drives results.

There is no judgment.

There is no ego.

There are no excuses.

You don’t get a cookie.

There are only results.

The sooner you fall in love with results, the faster your life will change.

Each and every one of us dodge the self-review… but that is the most amazing part. When you can do it, your life changes instantly. You correct course instantly. You change your life just by choosing higher standards for yourself.

#5: Singularity of Focus

 When you embark on the 90-day Hustle… nothing is more important because you have chosen a path to greatness. It’s not a cleanse you can stop mid-way. It is not a juice fast. There is no cheat day. It is a 90-day push toward massive transformation.

While the rest of the world gets distracted on their social media feed, gets FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) looking at someone else’s life, or binge watches their favorite Netflix show, you are showing yourself and the world that transformation is possible in 90 days… and that you care about nothing else. As easy as this may sound it’s hard to wrap your head about being this focused.

Your focus is only this. Your priority is only this. Your commitment is only this. You are breathing, eating, sleeping, only this… because you want this so bad. You want to create this bigger and better future for yourself so much that everything else is irrelevant. Welcome to your singularity of focus.

And that my friends is the 90-day Hustle Formula.

Pat Garner holds certifications in Professional, Addiction & Recovery Coaching, is a Sedona Method Facilitator and a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Most recently, a number of her articles on addiction and wellness have been featured by the World Coaching Institute. She has earned the reputation as a dedicated leader and advocate of change.

During her own journey from addiction fifteen years ago, Pat discovered the world of holistic health and wellness that led to her adopt and promote a ketogenic lifestyle that has become an integral part of her mission to awaken people to their infinite potential so they can achieve lasting personal success in all areas of life. Pat invites reader comments and questions. Pat@PutOldonHoldJournal.com

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