This COVID Thing – It’s More Than A Virus

Barbara Morris

No question about it. During the current (and seemingly endless) COVID situation, many people have gotten extremely sick and many died. Anyone who says  COVID isn’t real,  is wrong.

That said, something doesn’t seem right. 

Let’s step back in time when there were a variety of horrendous flu epidemics that killed huge numbers of individuals. How were those epidemics different from  what we are experiencing now? The difference between then and now is this: Never before has the entire economy been shut down as a means to control the spread of an outbreak. In the past, draconian government edicts about what we could or could not do were unthinkable. For some reason, perhaps because of lack of respect for or ignorance of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, things have changed and few have noticed the fear-induced slide into what we are experiencing now.

Have we been propagandized to the degree that we have become babbling idiots who don’t realize how freedom has inched away, and the will to resist seems dormant?  Why do we now obediently do as told when we know it’s not right or doesn’t make sense?

Let’s be real clear about this: This COVID thing has been going on for many, many months with no resolution in sight. We are already told more COVID in on the way. Experts tell us one thing today and something different tomorrow.  Apparently, “shutdowns” (to one degree or another) will go on forever and possibly get worse. We have been warned a “new normal” (whatever that means)  is here to stay. Why?

          “If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were before COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021,” Dr. Anthony Fauci

As a result of arbitrary shutdowns and lock-downs, it is impossible to know how many individuals have lost their business or their means of making a living. What is most scary is loss of personal freedom. I don’t know about you but I don’t want elected officials, many with seemingly impaired intellect, but lusting for power and control, telling me how to take care of myself or how to live my life.

I’m tired of wearing a mask in public. I hate it. The mask (even a new one) smells and impairs breathing. You are inhaling exhaled breath over and over again. Worse, more often than not, the same cloth mask is worn day after day and has never seen the inside of a washing machine.  If that isn’t a prescription for illness, I don’t know what is. I wear a mask in public because I’m a coward, fearful of being shot, physically assaulted, set on fire,  or screamed at by someone who bought into the fiction that if I don’t wear a mask he will die and I  will be responsible for his death! (Yes, that has happened!) That’s more than fear, it’s insanity.

COVID is waning, but let’s pretend it’s not.  COVID FEAR is a convenient tool to control us,  even more than we are controlled right now. Legislators with a passion for control arbitrarily pronounce which businesses can remain open and which cannot. By all means, bars and Planned Parenthood MUST remain open for business, but houses of worship? They must be strictly regulated.

Bill Gates and other “scientist” billionaires have their controlling fingers in potential solutions.  They claim a mandatory vaccine  for everyone  is the only solution that will return us to normalcy. Others may be fine with that “solution” but I’m not. If I get sick, I’ll take a pill. According to many flaky scientists, safe, effective and inexpensive hydroqhloroquine  is a “dangerous” solution for COVID; at the same time,  Big Pharma is touting the expensive  experimental drug remdesivir,  about which little is known about safety or effectiveness. Yes, for sure, we MUST vaccinate everyone with a hastily created vaccine that hasn’t been effectively tested!

Think for yourself. COVID is not a Republican or Democratic disease.  Instead of listening to and buying into the chatter of scripted nincompoop know-nothings on CNN and MSNBC, and yes, FOX,  open your mind and do your research. Don’t give in to or be silenced by those who disagree with you. Decide for yourself how you want to live your life. That’s YOUR responsibility, not the responsibility of the government or any politician.

Please check out this  link for contrary thoughts about COVID. Also. click this link  for copy of Legal Action  against COVID controls  in Ohio.


  1. Elane Moonier says

    You are right on with your article! It seems people can no longer think for themselves but must rely on the talking television heads to tell them what to think and what to do. How easily the public can be controlled with just words and how easily our rights can be taken away by government control. It is so refreshing to find someone who can think for themselves. Keep up the good work. So many of us are in agreement with you, so don’t let a few naysayers push you down.

    • Thanks for commenting, Elaine. More than a few are in sync with your views and mine but are afraid to speak their piece. That’s sad. I pray the “silent majority” will make their views known in the coming election, and that the election will not be upended by anarchists.

  2. Joyce L. Shafer says

    Excellent commentary, Barbara! And you speak from knowledge and experience.

  3. It’s a pandemic. It’s real. We desperately need a well-thought strategy and united leadership. If that had been in place, the early draconian measures may have been avoidable. It was not. Even now, we are getting opinions that contradict each other from those who should be putting all their effort into uniting us ALL to get through this as effectively as we can. We have no national leadership and it is literally killing us.

    • Mary, good to hear from you. We can’t unite on this issue because everyone has different sources of information that as you say, contradict each other. You have to choose what makes the most sense to you. Many are ignoring or refuse to believe or even consider reading alternative information. That’s okay. I’ve chosen the side that makes most sense to me and many others.

  4. I have enjoyed your articles and your site. Good luck to you. This is very dangerous. Will be unsubscribing now.

    • Jane, I’m sorry to see you go. Stay open to alternative points of view, especially when you don’t agree with them. You never know what you will learn if you keep an open mind.

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